green tea bath


While watching far too much YouTube after yet another breakup, I stumbled across this video by Safiya Nygaard. (I love her channel, by the way.) Anyway, while at a Japanese spa, she takes a couple of green tea baths, as it’s supposed to be good for your skin. Green tea is full of antioxidants, so it seems plausible.

I had a bunch of expired organic green tea at home, so I decided to avoid wasting it and try out a green tea bath for myself.

I don’t know if my skin really benefited, but it smelled very nice and the dead skin on my feet seemed to slough off more easily than with regular bath water. It was very relaxing, with a nice light tea smell. Although, if you want to try this at home for a nice soak, I would recommend taking off the little tea bag papers so you aren’t stuck chasing them down in the tub.

Pros: super soft and smooth skin.
Cons: unsightly bathtub ring, because tea.

Overall, 9/10, would recommend.


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