this is how nerds have fun

I apparently forgot to blog about some fun little things I did over the summer. I’ve been on a quest to find new things I like. So, onwards!

  1. I bought myself flowers. Why not? They were pretty and inexpensive, and I got to enjoy them on my table for a few days.
  2. I painted my nails. I’m not the kind of girl who goes and gets manicures, but I’m loving this color. It’s called Princesses Rule! by OPI.
  3. I bought a new book. This is just a fun overview about chemistry and important chemists. It’s non-scary, and not very in-depth… Perfect for anyone who wants to know more about chemistry but wants something less technical. It translates Chemistry into English (or whatever your first language is), so to speak.
  4. I played a LOT of Terraria.
  5. I caught up on Game of Thrones (well, almost) through season six. No, I haven’t seen Seven yet. I still could do without the violence and nudity that’s so prevalent in the show, but I have to admit that the story is compelling.
    My friend made me this pin when the show first came out.
  6. I found my favorite candy: Japanese fruit drops. I like the Meiji brand better, but this is the kind featured in the Studio Ghibli film Grave of the Fireflies. If you haven’t seen it, it’s super sad. Grab a box of tissues and a tin of this candy.
  7. I bought a spoon ring! I found this at a local coffee shop. Many years ago, I used to wear a spoon ring on my thumb. Just a couple of years ago, I wore a (different) ring on the middle finger of my left hand. I stopped wearing all but one of my rings when one of my ex-boyfriends complained that his hand got stuck on them when we held hands. I guess being single does have some perks…

That’s all for now! What fun things have you been up to?


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