I got a lava lamp!

I’m too young to truly be a hippie, but I do have a bit of a ‘flower child’ vibe if you get to know me. Anyway, I’d been thinking about getting a lava lamp for about a month. I didn’t do it immediately because it’s one of those things I have to ask myself, “Do I really need this?” And no, I don’t. My sisters had a glitter version in their room growing up, and so it’s something that I tend to associate with ‘kid stuff,’ even though it’s really not. So I simply kept thinking about it. I considered where I would put it so I wouldn’t knock it over, and if it would go with my current decor, and whether or not it would lend credibility to “a responsible adult lives here.” Finally, I decided I had a good spot for it, I thought it would go well with the rest of my brightly colored accents, and I needn’t have worried about the last one at all. (Everyone who knows me is aware that I’m a big kid at heart.) So for about $15 USD, I purchased this gorgeous lamp, with blue liquid and white lava (one of my all-time favorite color combinations across the board).

Lava lamp in natural light.

If you are interested in getting a lava lamp yourself, there are a lot of good websites out there on finding a new or vintage lamp, taking care of them, and repairing them when necessary. I didn’t do much (any) research before buying mine, but I learned a lot just by reading the instructions. (Such as: Don’t shake it when it’s warm; you’ll ruin it permanently!) Also, make sure that when you want to purchase replacement bulbs, the sales person doesn’t talk you into an LED bulb. LEDs are cooler, but you don’t want a cool bulb in a lava lamp; you need the hot bulb. My lava lamp is 14.5 inches tall, and requires a 25 watt 120 volt (USA) round bulb. (In the UK, the wattage is the same, but the voltage is 220.)  It’s extremely hot after even just a few minutes, so don’t change it until it’s had several hours to cool down.

I took this picture of the box, because the terrible Photoshop job made me laugh.

Especially the last one, “entertaining.” Yeah, sure, that’s exactly how I’m going to use it. 😀

Okay, but what I didn’t expect was how mesmerizing it really is to watch a lava lamp. So the ‘relaxation’ one is true. Once it had warmed up for a couple hours, I just sat and watched it for a while. All of my stress and tension from the day just melted away. I put the lamp next to my plants on top of the bookshelf so I could see it when I’m gaming, which is a good spot because I (probably) won’t knock it over.

Lava lamp with the other lights on.

I’m especially pleased with my color choice. The white lava looks almost translucent, and the blue is beautiful in any kind of lighting. It looks more cobalt in some lighting, and more turquoise in others, though really it’s a lovely cerulean blue. It doesn’t look childish at all, and while it’s not part of the Pinterest look, it looks right in my apartment. The lava lamp definitely adds to my own style, and makes the whole apartment seem eclectic and artsy. Perfect!

Lava lamp with the lights off– a real showstopper!

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