“Make good art” -Neil Gaiman

Making art can be so therapeutic. I love the games Portal and Portal 2 very much, and have wanted to make myself a companion cube magnet for a long time. So, last week, I finally got around to it. I made this out of polymer clay.

Companion cube magnet by Art3mis, 2017.

It was a bit tricky, and I should definitely have been more precise in making the cuts. But overall, it turned out okay, and so I took it to work to put in my locker.

Of course, I immediately dropped it and broke it…

A broken heart…

I couldn’t simply fix it with more polymer clay, as I would have to bake it, and I had already applied a clear glaze over the clay that would probably be dangerous to bake. So, I went off to one of the local craft stores to look for air dry clay.

Once there, I discovered that the texture of air dry clay would probably not look good with the polymer clay, even if I painted it, and might not hold up well. The sales girl suggested a number of infeasible and unhelpful suggestions that were not at all what I wanted to do, so I went home.

I ended up scraping off the heart completely, with the idea that I would try to remove the glaze, then realized that I already had what I needed for a simple solution: duh, paint!  I already had the correct colors from a previous project, so it was just a matter of being a good painter.

Much better!

I let it dry overnight before reapplying the glaze, and was able to touch up a few other things I’d been unhappy with, including the addition of a more secure magnet on the back. Overall, I like it much better now!


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