dare to be stupid (so easy to do)*

Have you ever done something really stupid that you regretted later? If you’re human, you probably have.  It could be something big, or something small. In my case, I did a medium-sized stupid thing that feels huge just last week. Let’s just say I wasn’t the nicest person to someone.  I regretted it immediately, and tried to fix it, but I really just made it worse. Then I felt terrible about it, whined to my friends (who were annoyed that I’d done the stupid thing they’d all advised against), and it just became this awful, juvenile mess. Why do I do stuff like this? As an adult, shouldn’t I handle things better than this? (Probably.)

However, instead of burying myself under a rock so I don’t have to face the embarrassment, I resolved not to let it happen again. I’ve tried to avoid further annoying my friends with the situation, and I’ve been trying to be less self-centered towards them. I’m accepting the fact that I’m definitely not​ perfect… But I can still work on my flaws. It’s normal to have flaws. It’s perfectly okay to have flaws. Everyone does. But I’m not okay with letting those flaws take over who I am.  So I’m going to try to be kinder to people. I know I won’t succeed perfectly, but every little​ bit helps.

I saw a Tumblr post that sums it up well: “Do no harm, but take no shit.” So, don’t let people walk on you, but don’t hurt anyone either. It’s a good reminder.

*Post title is a reference to a song by Weird Al Yankovic.


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