aquarium updates & visiting a vernal pond

It’s been a while since I posted anything about my fish.
Spock is happy in his new tank, but it gets a lot of sun, so there’s a lot of brown algae. The two otocinclus I had with him died mysteriously​, so I got a mystery snail to help with the algae.

Spock is more interested in his bubble nest than me.

Michaelangelo’s tank is still really healthy, and both otocinclus are still doing fine. Their names are Kirby and Ludo, and I can’t tell them apart anymore.

Michaelangelo investigates the strange creature taking pictures.
A shy otocinclus peeks out from behind the plants.

I have a lot of work this semester, mostly having to do with the switch from English to Biology major. But at least it’s fun to learn new things, and I am doing well in my classes.

Yesterday my class visited a vernal pond. A vernal pond is one that dries up part the year or every few years, and they support very important animal species. Fish don’t live in them, but you can find other organisms that are quite fascinating.

Walking in hip boots.
The vernal pond.
One of the awesome animals we found: a blue-spotted salamander.
More tiny animals, including orange fairy shrimp.
A fairy shrimp under the microscope back at the lab. (Don’t worry, we put it back.)

The animal world is so fascinating!


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