self-worth and the fashion industry

As I used my semi-designer bag (which I got on clearance) as a library book bag the other day, I thought about fashion. I thought about the irony of using a designer bag to carry library books, and I thought about how there are probably some people who would be offended by that. (I like to think it’s good for perspective… After all, it’s really just a bag.) I’m not hugely into fashion, but I like to look nice. So I had some thoughts​ about beauty standards, and I would like to share them with you. (Please note that I’m not trying to bash anyone here, I’m just trying to encourage anyone who might need it.)

Thoughts​ of the day:

Famous people are only famous because lots of other people know who they are or recognize what they’ve done. (But they’re really just normal human beings​ like you and me.)

Famous clothing lines are only famous because people decided they were “in.” “What’s hot this year” is based on someone else’s choice. It’s okay to like fashion if that’s what you’re into… but I hope you like those clothing styles because they appeal to you, and not because a celebrity, name brand, or person you admire told you to like it.

Don’t let the fashion industry ruin your life. See the beauty in your own face and soul, without worrying about the trappings​ of fashion or what someone else might think about you. You are worth far more than any designer bag or shoes, and if someone tells you you’re not a full person without your accessories, you don’t need that person to be your “friend.” Real friends will accept and like you for who you are. (They may tell you when you’re in the wrong, but they should be telling you because they care, not because they want to tear you down.)

Don’t let the industry standard of beauty tell you what’s beautiful. People come in all shapes and sizes, and while I think it’s good to be as healthy as possible, not everyone is built to be a size 3. Take care of yourself, be as happy in your own skin as you can be, and know that you are beautiful inside and out.

Bottom line: Love who you are. Be kind to others, and to yourself as well​. (I’m not promoting selfishness either, I just think a lot of people aren’t comfortable being themselves.)


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