the power of music

Music is amazing, isn’t it? A song can touch even the most jaded person at their core. Music can be lighthearted, sad, soft, or powerful. It can hurt or heal. It can help us be more in tune with our emotions, or it can transport us back to a memory from an earlier time. It can remind us of a person, or of the places we’ve visited, and of who we’ve been as we grow up. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like, despite what other people might tell you. You like what you like, and even though others may not agree that your music choices are good, what really matters is that it speaks to you. True, you might just enjoy a song because it’s catchy, but I think that music is really important. It’s so expressive and can tell so many stories… So here’s to the soundtrack of your life… I hope that whatever music you like, that it moves you and helps enrich the good times and the bad, and all the little (yet important) moments in between.


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