tank updates

So… Sadly, my new female veiltail betta already died. I exchanged her for a different fish, and he seems much healthier. He’s a little shy of the camera, but I put the tank in a better location that gets more light. Meet Spock.

I also moved Michaelangelo’s tank back to the living room… I missed watching him when I was at the table doing my homework, and he was freaking out about not being able to watch me… He likes to swim up where he can see me, in case I’m going to feed him.

I also hadn’t realized until I put Spock and Michaelangelo next to each other (in separate containers, of course) how big Michaelangelo has grown. It could also be the difference in breeds, but Spock looks so tiny next to him.

Michaelangelo also lets me photograph him… Maybe he’s just gotten used to me.

I really enjoy fishkeeping!


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