Valentine’s Day and Aquaponics!

I’m not really into the traditional types of Valentine’s gifts (flowers, chocolate, jewelry, teddy bears, heart-shaped things)… It’s honestly not my favorite holiday. I don’t like how there’s so much pressure on the guy to do something nice for the girl… Shouldn’t it be about both people as a couple? Anyway, my boyfriend and I had a nice, low-key date, mostly watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. (That’s right, we’re nerds, and it’s awesome.) 😀

I made him this tie blanket, since he loves both Star Trek and Pokemon. Hilariously, the blue of the Pokemon fabric was the ONLY one in the store that perfectly matched Spock’s shirt. It was meant to be.

My thoughtful boyfriend’s gift to me was quite a surprise… He got me an aquaponics kit! He said I’ve been talking about aquaponics for weeks now, and when he saw this, he just had to get it for me. I am so excited about using it!

I will be posting more here about my ventures into aquaponics, so stay tuned for updates!

Edit: If you would like a kit like this, you may purchase one here.


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