Something’s fishy: an aquarium update

My aquarium is thriving!

Michaelangelo is always hungry.

I got another otocinclus, and named her Luna. I’m not actually sure whether it’s actually female… The females are supposed to be bigger and rounder than the males, but there’s not a lot of information as to “how much bigger.”

Michaelangelo wasn’t too sure about this new tank mate.
Luna hangs out on a live plant.
Fishy friends! Luna is the lighter one in front, Kirby is the darker one.

I’ve been learning so much about fish in my biology class, and I’m especially interested in aquaponics.

Michaelangelo also made this huge bubble nest a while back.

Betta bubbles!

I also made name tags so my guests would know their names. Their names all have a nerdy origin. And because I’m artistic, I had to make them cute.

I’ll update more later!


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