Thanksgiving Pie

I made two pies for Thanksgiving this year, and they turned out so stunningly beautiful that I entirely forgot to photograph them. (I’m sorry, readers. You’ll just have to trust me on this: they were glorious.) One pie was my traditional pumpkin pie with homemade crust. The second was one that I rarely make, Dutch apple, also with homemade crust. I usually only make that one for someone important that I’m trying to impress, because of how much work is involved. (I suppose it’s really not that much work, but I’m a lazy cook.) In this case, the apple pie was for my boyfriend, who was coming to Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Both pies were served at dinner for everyone, but I probably wouldn’t have made the apple if he hadn’t come.

As it all turned out, the apple pie turned out better than I’ve ever made it, and everyone loved it. The eight people at dinner decimated the Dutch apple completely, while there was still half a pumpkin pie left. I received numerous compliments on both. My dad told me that I’d gotten the pumpkin pie’s spices just right this year. (Fun fact: I didn’t change it at all from the way I made it last year… At which time he had told me the nutmeg was too strong. 😉 Maybe he’s just getting used to how I make it?)

I’d made a subpar pork roast earlier this week for my boyfriend, so I’m very happy that he liked the Dutch apple so much. Success!


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