Overcast Coffee

My first class this morning was cancelled, so I went to my favorite coffee shop to work on homework. I got breakfast: a spice chai latte and quiche.

I finished my math homework, double checked my answers, and was pleased that I’d only made a few mistakes. I corrected the mistakes I’d made, and then I was free to look out the window and daydream.

I don’t get much time to sit and think. As an adult, I spend far too much time thinking about what I need to get done. It was as nice to be able to sit and reflect on life in general as it was to enjoy the reflection of the water.

I haven’t had much to say lately. It’s like the words are hidden behind a wall of to-do lists and worries. I have a lot going on, including two big tests next week, and a group presentation the week after that. I’m hoping to have time for NaNoWriMo this year, but we’ll see. Last year I got to just over 7,000 words before calling it quits. Maybe I can find that story and continue it.


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