After a rough day of classes, I like to head to my favorite coffee shop and take some time to relax and/or study. I’m not actually a big coffee drinker, but the atmosphere of coffee shops is always soothing to me. For me, “getting coffee” with someone isn’t about the coffee at all–it’s about the chance to talk and connect with that person in an environment where I can feel comfortable enough to really open up. Often, I don’t even get coffee when I ask someone to “grab coffee” with me… I much prefer something like this delicious chai spice latte.


Sometimes, I feel like I’ve spent the day fighting dragons, and I just need the calming atmosphere and tasty drink or sandwich at a local coffee shop. It’s just nice to know that I have that escape.

Today’s lunch: a grilled chicken sandwich with pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, chipotle sauce, red peppers, and hummus. Delicious.


Do you have a favorite place to retreat? What sparks your creativity? I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. Josh says:

    Coffee shops are great, but I’d rather retreat to the woods! However, on a cold, rainy day after you’ve been washed up by the elements sometimes a coffee shop is the best place to go.


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